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Running sites (Author: Hazri)


  • Follow your FC's orders.
  • Don't bitch in sites.
  • Be focused while running sites.
  • Inform the FC in time when you need to leave.
  • Don't hang behind.
  • Logis: L-up as soon as on gate and ready.
  • Logis: Handle ore business in NMC yourselves as far as you can.

Follow your FC's orders

The most important point of all. When joining a fleet you automatically agree you are confident to run with the FC. If you don't trust his abilities or don't want to risk your shiny ship with him, DON'T join his fleets. If you join, the FC is boss. You automatically agree to follow his orders. If you think you can do it better, make your own fleets. If you think the FC can't be trusted, don't fly with him. Otherwise you have to follow the FC's orders. (For those idiots out there who always need to gripe: Only if his orders are Incursion fleet related of course, you don't need to follow him for a lowsec roam for example. Use common sense.)

Don't bitch in sites

This is pretty much tied with the first point. You have to follow your FC's orders. Because of that NEVER bitch while in a site. You can of course try to give the FC a hand, but only if he really could use it or things are really getting out of control. Additional try to do all advice or gripe stuff in between sites. Being a FC is a very hard job, if done right. It involves thinking ahead, having everyone under observation, maybe even scouting the next site. Because of that it's extremely annoying to have people start bitching about FC capabilities, ISK per hour or start whining about loosing a site to another contesting fleet. Being an unpatient, know-it-all, griping fleet member will not only give you bad reputation, but even kicks from fleet and bans for the future. Remember: Always be nice. If you think the FC isn't doing as good as he could, try to give him well-meant advices in a civilized manner. If you really love to bitch around, start FC'ing yourself and you can boss around people the whole day.

Be focused while running sites

Nobody likes to carry around half AFK people in fleet. They hurt overall performance A LOT and I personally extremely hate such people. Because of that I have a strict no active dual-boxing rule for my fleets. I work my ass of when FC'ing, getting everyone a shitload of ISK. All I request from fleet members is to be focused and do their job as best as they can. Dual/tri-boxing don't even hurt your performance, but takes free spots from other peoples and fills your pocket double. It's just a greddy, egoistic, crappy thing to do. I personally hate it and my advise for you is: DON'T ACTIVE DUAL-BOX IN INCURSIONS. Nevertheless if you're one of those people who don't understand why it's a bad thing to do, let the FC know you're dual-boxing right away. Hiding it might work for some time, but you'll get caught and a lot of fleets won't fly with you again. Bringing an alt with ore/ammo or an offgrid booster is nice. But remember focus on 1 character! Ok enough of that talk, I hope I made my point. What do I mean with focused? To give you a quick overview here is a list with the most important things:

  • If the FC asks, you need to answer him at once. This can be a question on voice or typed in chat, to the whole fleet or personally to you. Fact is, you need to answer him, if you haven't understand the question, ask and the fleet will help you out. But just saying nothing, not watching fleet chat or having your voice muted are EXTREMELY BAD things. If I have a unresponsive fleet member I won't hesitate to kick him from my fleets and mark him for the future. So, if the FC asks who has Large Energy Transfer arrays, Webs or Target Painter fitted, answer him. If he asks you personally for your fit, link it. If he asks the Logis how much ore is left, answer him! It's easy and communication is key for a good fleet. Furthermore nothing is more painful for a FC than 10 people in fleet who are not focused and don't answer!
  • Always pull drones when the FC tells you. Even start thinking ahead yourself and pull them in in time. Align to new sites when the FC tells you. On new gates immediately align with the gate (do it manually, don't use activate gate to do it!). All of this saves precious seconds, get you more ISK and can be the difference between winning and loosing a contested site.
  • Do ammo checks on a regular basis. Calculate ahead how many sites you have left and remember to restock whenever the fleet takes a break and you are low on ammo.
  • Follow tags and don't shot stuff you are not cleared to shot. When no tags are up like in NCO, watch traversal velocity and shot slowest targets to optimize your dps. Lock up next targets in time and immediately switch. Missed weapon rounds hurt your payout.
  • Don't warp into wrong sites. Especially when you join a fleet on grid, a quick d-scan never hurts (after getting cleared by FC of course).

Inform the FC in time when you need to leave

At least try to give the FC a 20-30 minutes warning before leaving fleet. He can look for a replacement and get him in waiting position, so a fleet can keep running. Furthermore remember to give him another warning 5-10 minutes before leaving again, in case he forgot about it. If you really have an emergency and need to leave right away, apologize for it. It's still a game and real life is always more important. Just remember there might be a whole fleet stranded now, waiting for your replacement to arrive. So if you really have to leave without notice, no problem do it. But always try to play nice and give the fleet a heads up, so they can keep running. I'm sure you appreciate it as well when you are in a fleet.

Don't hang behind

Very similar to being focused, but I decided to give it its own point. When in a fleet you need to keep up. That means align in time, warp into sites right after the anchor is in. Reload when warping to a new site. Lock targets in time and keep your guns blazing. Always having a Logi to hang behind, needs to be asked twice if ready and takes forever to warp in is just a pain. Fast moving well organized fleets are where the ISK and fun lies. Having only 1 fleet member not keeping up and hanging behind will get the whole fleet pissed and the overall payout reduced.

Logis: L-up as soon as on gate and ready

Most FC, including me want to get a "good to go" from their logistic pilots on every gate. This reduces the possibility to end up in a site without logi support, which is a very bad thing. Some FC, especially in Vanguard sites may just leeroy, but personally I don't like it. Because of that I always tell my Logis to L-up as soon as on the new gate and ready to go. The faster they do it, the faster the fleet can move in. In a "perfect" fleet I don't even need to tell the Logis to L-up, they'll do it by themselves. This is extremely nice and I really like it. In a nutshell: If you're a Logistic pilot L-up as soon as you land on the new gate and are ready, without the FC even asking you to do it. This will result in a smoother experience for everyone and get you a lot of good kudos with your FC. I nearly forgot, A VERY IMPORTANT point: If you L-up, you tell the FC you are ready and WILL warp in. If for any reason you're not ready, don't L-up or let the FC know you are not anymore. If the fleet moves in and you don't, even when L'd-up the fleet might be in trouble and kick/ban you from fleet.

Logis: Handle ore business in NMC yourselves as far as you can

This is a pretty specialized point, but I think it should be in here. In my fleets I provide ore for running NMC Vanguard sites. What I expect from the logis is to fill up when I bring in my Orca and run it over to the colony in site. Sometimes I have excellent Logis which decide who to run over, who needs to jetcan/pickup, how much ore they have left and when to call in more ore, all by themselves. This is really awesome and I very appreciate it. It gives me some more time for scouting or finding replacements. Other FC might handle it different. Either they need to mine in site, want to move the whole fleet to the colony or have an alt to do the drop. All I wanted to do with this point, is to give you a hint what would be nice and what I would love to see.

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