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Fleet Support (Author: Hazri)
Here you'll find all kinds of support modules that are useful in incursions. They are divided into the following groups: Stasis Webifiers, Target Painter, Remote Sensor Booster, Tracking Links, Energy Transfer Arrays and Shield Transporters. They all are more or less essential for every fleet and can substantial improve the overall performance.

The first group are Stasis Webifiers. They go into mid-slots and reduce the speed of enemy ships. This makes them a lot easier to hit, especially by bigger ships. Without them battleships would have an extremely hard time hitting small, fast moving frigates. I recommend that every cruiser and maybe even battlecruiser sized ship, tries to fit a least one of these, if they can. If your ship has bonuses to webifiers, by all means try to fit two. Some notable webber ships are: Huginn, Loki, Vindicator, Bhaalgorn, Vigilante. The faction variants are highly recommended because of the higher range.
Name Price Cap usage Target speed Range CPU Information
Stasis Webifier II Stasis Webifier II 720k 1,2GJ/s -60% 10km 30 only for completeness, meta 4 is better
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I 2,5M 0,8GJ/s -60% 10km 22 only get this if you can't afford the faction variant
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Federation Navy Stasis Webifier 70M 1,0GJ/s -60% 14km 25 very highly recommended, high effect and range
True Sansha Stasis Webifier True Sansha Stasis Webifier 100-130M 1,0GJ/s -55% 15km 25 highly recommended, very good range but less effect

The next group are Target Painters. They increase the signature radius of enemy ships. This allows bigger guns and especially missiles, to hit them for more damage. I recommend that every battleship and maybe battlecruiser sized ship tries to fit at least one of these. Additional if you are flying a Heavy Assault Missile or Torpedo boat, you should aim at two painters and be sure that there are at least 1-2 more painters into the fleet. If your fleet is turret heavy, you might better fit a webifier instead of the painter. It's always a good idea to communicate with your fleet and aim at a good balance of at least 3-4 webs and painters. That way you can operate at peak efficiency.
Name Price Cap usage Sig bonus Optimal Falloff CPU Information
Target Painter II Target Painter II 800k 2,4GJ/s 30% 30km 60km 24 only for completeness, meta 4 is better
Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron 4,4M 1,6GJ/s 30% 30km 60km 30 recommended
Republic Fleet Target Painter Republic Fleet Target Painter 35M 2,4GJ/s 32% 30km 60km 25 highly recommended, higher bonus
Domination Target Painter Domination Target Painter 70-80M 2,8GJ/s 33% 30km 60km 27 recommended if you can afford, highest bonus

In the next table are Remote Sensor Boosters. They aren't as commonly used as webs or painters but still can improve the fleet in some incursion sites, Vanguards mainly. You can fit them on a logistic or dedicated support ships and help your battleships out. The script you want to use is the Sensor Resolution. When a battleship it boosted with that, it can lock small targets a lot faster and therefore shoot them earlier. I wouldn't recommend them as essential though and you can safely skip over them. Boosting targeting range isn't really useful at all for incursions because sniper ship should fit modules to do that themselves.
Name Price Cap usage Scan resolution Target range Falloff CPU Information
Remote Sensor Booster II Remote Sensor Booster II 750k 0,2GJ/s 40,5% 40,5% 30km 60km 22 recommended
Linked I Sensor Network Linked I Sensor Network 10k 0,1GJ/s 40,5% 33,8% 55km 27,5km 19 recommended, less cpu need

This is the sensor booster script which should be used.
Scan Resolution Scan Resolution 10k +100% to scan resolution, -100% to targeting range

The next group contains Tracking Links. They are mainly fitted on a scimitar but can make a good addition to a dedicated support ship as well. They work the same way as Tracking Computers and can be loaded with scripts. The recommended one is the Tracking Speed. While Tracking Links aren't essential for a fleet as well, they can improve the damage of slow tracking battleships quite a bit. Especially if the fleet is short on webs. Boosting optimal/falloff can be useful, too. In particular Blaster fitted ships may appreciate that. Remember to communicate with your fleet and try to sort out who needs your links most and with what script.
Name Price Cap usage Tracking speed Optimal Falloff Range CPU Information
Tracking Link II Tracking Link II 530k 1,33GJ/s 15% 7,5% 15% 6,5km 30 recommended
Shadow Serpentis Tracking Link Shadow Serpentis Tracking Link 20-30M 2,0GJ/s 17,5% 8% 16% 7,5km 30 highly recommended
Phase Switching I Targeting Nexus Phase Switching I Targeting Nexus 10k 1,67GJ/s 12% 6% 12% 6km 27 only use this if missing skills, money or cpu

In the following table you can find the available scripts for the Tracking Links.
Tracking Speed Tracking Speed 10k +100% to tracking speed, -100% to optimal/falloff
Optimal Range Optimal Range 8k +100% to optimal/falloff, -100% to tracking speed

The next modules are Large Energy Transfer Arrays. There are small and medium versions as well, but I won't cover them because they aren't really useful for incursion. The transfers are mainly used by Basilisks, which needs them to setup cap chains. They will generate a lot more capacitor than they use and therefore can use it to run their shield transporters or feed the fleet. Nevertheless fitting one or two Energy Transfers in the free hi-slots of a battleship can offer some very good benefits, too. First, the battleship can be used as a cap buddy for a Basilisk if there is only 1 in fleet or the 2. one dc'd. Second, two battleships can cap transfer to each other and therefore generate some additional capacitor. This is especially useful on laser ships like the Nightmare.
Name Price Cap usage Cap transfer Range CPU Powergrid Information
Large Energy Transfer Array II Large Energy Transfer Array II 2M 73,2GJ/s 351GJ 9,75km 48 352 only use if enough CPU/powergrid, not recommended for Basilisk
Large 'Regard' I Power Projector Large 'Regard' I Power Projector 300k 67,6GJ/s 324GJ 9km 40 330 recommended

The last module group are Large Shield Transports. They are really important for any fleet and are fitted on Logistic ships (Basilisk, Scimitar). Besides that they aren't really useful on other ships because they need a lot of capacitor to run. If you already have fitted 2 energy transfers and still have free hi-slots, you could of course fit a shield transporter but it's really not needed. Small and medium transports aren't useful for incursions and therefore shouldn't be fitted at all. (A Scimitar mothership fitting might need to replace one of its 4 large reps with a medium, to get a big enough buffer, but that's the only reason I can think of.)
Name Price Cap usage Shield transfer Cycle Range CPU Powergrid Information
Large Shield Transporter II Large Shield Transporter II 650k 62,2GJ/s 384 4,5s 8,4km 154 192 very recommended, try to fit them for a little more repair output
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter 530k 56GJ/s 384 5s 8,4km 119 160 recommended

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